Thursday, January 22, 2015

All squadron commanders to the ready room!
campaign rules:
 Each commander will make a squadron from the following website:
They must be of a Rebel faction.
The total of the squadron may not exceed 150pts
Then the commander creates 4 imperial squadrons. the point totals will be as close to but not exceeding 50pts, 75pts, 100pts and 200pts. So in example a 100pt adversary unit may not have a total of less than 75 or it becomes a 75pt squadron. 
Make sure that the Title contains the point value and the description contains who created it.
before printing make sure the "Full View" is turned on so all abilities are explained. This saves on set up time for games. Anyone insisting on using cards will be thoroughly beaten in a public forum, then tossed from the roster. 
Example Squad:

All Squadron commanders shuffle in the Imperial squadrons they created into point total like piles. (all 50's together, all 100's together......)
Draw one from each point-total pile for each commander, 4 total. 
The Commander may look at his aggressor squadrons. He then pairs up with any other players in his flight wing. Flight wing is the total participants in the tournament group. In any order the flight commander chooses he may take on the 4 separate aggressor squadrons he has drawn. He may continue engaging new aggressor squadrons as long as he has ships remaining. Any squadron commander that looses a ship in battle is lost through the tournament. Squadron commanders may use as many or few of their remaining ships in the next engagement. You must always engage at least one ship to continue. 
After all engagements surviving ships are repaired. A surviving ship is any ship that remains intact  after area superiority is achieved on a map or is able to escape the boundaries of the area of engagement. If a pilot dies the ship is unrecoverable and is remove from your squadron. Points for the Squadron commander are calculated by the total of aggressor ships value left in the aggressor pool subtracted from his remaining squadron Value.   
Final totals are compared between squadron commanders after they have all completed their 4 missions. 
Good hunting!

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